Be prepared to hit the Wall

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Step1: You choose the tool

  • Use social networks to get new ideas.
  • Be patient, and create a list or a spreadsheet to get an overview.

Step2: You use the new tool

Step3: You hit the wall

Step4: You reproduce it

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  • Reproducible examples are very helpful and you can create them for free with Stackoverflow and

Step5: You dig into it

Uncaught TypeError:eltOrSelector.querySelectorAll is not a function
at findAll (htmx.js:295)
at handleOutOfBandSwaps (htmx.js:501)
at selectAndSwap (htmx.js:712)
at doSwap (htmx.js:2284)
at handleAjaxResponse (htmx.js:2358)
at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onload (htmx.js:2163)

Step6: You solve it

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  • devtools are great. Even if you dislike JavaScript, it is easy to use. You can set breakpoints for the debugger and evaluate snippets on the console. It is like an IDE integrated into your browser.
  • Taking breaks helps.
  • “HTML fragments over the wire” is cool, but you need to ensure that your HTML fragments are parsable by your library.

Step7: You proceed

  • Pioneering is fun, but you should learn to help yourself if you get strange errors.
  • Starting from scratch feels like flying, even if you hit the wall from time to time.
  • htmx is cool, and I will use it in new projects.
  • Like the skateboard in the above image: If you hit the wall, have fun and ride it.



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